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 For more information and registration please go to www.womensorganizations.org/wescad 


Plenary Speakers



Martha Burk

Director, NCWO Corporate Accountability Task Force

Dr. Martha Burk is a political pshchologist and women's equality expert whose book, Cult of Power: Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It, unmasks how corporate America conspires to keep women down, and offers solid solutions.  Dr. Burk served as Chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations (NCWO) from 2000 to 2005.  She led te effort to open the Augusta National Golf Club to women, and remains at the forefront of the debateon women's progress in corporate America.  She is a syndicated columnist and frequent contributor to major newspapers and print outlets on public policy, including USA Today, Working Woman, and The Washington Post.  She is an editorial advisor to Ms. Magazine






Heidi Hartmann




President, Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR)


Dr. Hartmann founded IWPR in 1987 as a scientific research organization to meet the need for women-centered, policy-oriented research. Dr. Hartmann is also a Research Professor at The George Washington University. Dr. Hartmann is a co-author of Still A Man’s Labor Market: The Long-Term Earnings Gap; Unnecessary Losses: Costs to Americans of the Lack of Family and Medical Leave; Equal Pay for Working Families; and Survival at the Bottom: The Income Packages of Low-Income Families with Children.  Prior to founding IWPR, Dr. Hartmann was on the faculties of Rutgers University and the New School for Social Research and worked at the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences. In 1994, Dr. Hartmann was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship Award for her work in the field of women and economics. She is Vice-Chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations and co-editor of the Journal of Women, Politics & Policy.






Noeleen Heyzer 


Executive Director, UNIFEM


Noeleen Heyzer is the first executive director from the global south to head the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). Since joining UNIFEM, Dr. Heyzer has worked on strengthening women’s economic security and rights; promoting women’s leadership in conflict resolution, peace-building and reconstruction; ending violence against women; and combating HIV/AIDS from a gender perspective. She also played a critical role in the UN Security Council’s adoption of Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and in ensuring that it is implemented in order to make a difference to women in their everyday lives. Through her leadership, UNIFEM has assisted countries to formulate and implement legislation and policies to realize women’s security and rights. Born in Singapore, she holds a doctorate in from Cambridge University and has received several awards for leadership.






Dolores Huerta 


President, Dolores Huerta Foundation


Ms. Huerta became a fearless lobbyist for farm workers in Sacramento at the age of 25, at a time when few women, not to mention women of color, dared to enter the state and national capitals to lobby legislators.  She co-founded the United Farm Workers Union with Cesar Chavez and directed the grape, lettuce and Gallo Wine boycotts of the late 1960's and early 70's, which resulted in the first state law to grant farm workers the right to collectively organize.  A life-long advocate for immigrant workers' rights, Ms. Huerta has been arrested 22 times for non-violent union activities.  She is the recipient of numerous achievement awards and established the Dolores Huerta Foundation's Organizing Institute to foster community organizing and leadership training in low-income under-represented communities. Ms. Huerta teaches at the University of Southern California, sits on the board of the Feminist Majority Foundation, and is Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus of the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO (UFW). 





Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney


Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney represents the 14th district in New York City.  As the former co-chair of the Congressional Women's Caucus, Rep. Maloney is a nationally-recognized advocate of women's and family issues, with special emphasis on funding for women's health needs, women's equality, reproductive freedom, and international family planning.  In recent years, she worked to pass the bipartisan End Demand for Sex Trafficking Act.  Rep. Maloney also spearheaded the Debbie Smith Act to help erase the backlog of rape DNA testing kits that could put rapists behind bars.  She has also been an outspoken authority against the persistent problem of sexual assault in the military and has fought vigorously to restore the United States' contribution to UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.  Rep. Maloney is the new Chair of the Financial Institutions Subcommittee on the House Financial Services Committee.  She is also the Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee and is a senior member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  








Shireen Mitchell

Executive Officer, Digital Sisters and President, Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet). 


Digital Sisters is a non-profit focused on using digital media and technology to access self-sufficiency tools for women and children who are traditionally underserved.  Ms. Mitchell leads the organization in providing training and planning for schools, community technology centers, and job skills development programs.  CTCNet is a national affiliation of initiatives and organizations around the country collectively promoting effective technology integration and digital inclusion. Ms. Mitchell works to promote equity and access for women and served as the Younger Women's Taskforce Co-Chair, a project of NCWO. She was awarded Heroine in Technology, Community Technology Leader and is the author of “Gaining Daily Access to Science and Technology” in the book 50 Ways to Improve Women’s Lives.






Sima Samar 


Chair, Afghanistan Independant Human Rights Commission and Founder and Director, Shuhada Organization


Sima Samar, a physician, women's rights advocate and political leader, is a hero to Afghan women. Dr. Samar founded and directs the Shuhada Organization which operates 12 clinics and 4 hospitals in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The newly opened Shuhada Science Institute provides training for physician assistants, science teachers, and emergency medical technicians.  Dr. Samar was named minister for women's affairs and deputy prime minister in President Hamid Karzai's first Cabinet in 2002. Dr. Samar established the first ever Afghanistan Ministry of Women's Affairs, which secured women as 11 percent of the Loya Jirga delegates.  As Chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, she is responsible for the conduct of human rights education programs, implementation of women's rights programs, monitoring human rights abuses and advocacy for transitional justice. Dr. Samar also serves as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Sudan.






Susan Scanlan


President, Women's Research & Education Institute (WREI) and Chair, National Council of Women’s Organizations


Ms. Scanlan began her career on Capitol Hill in 1972 as legislative director for Rep. Charles H. Wilson (D-CA), for whom she helped craft legislation to admit women to the U. S. military academies. In 1977, she co-founded the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues, a bipartisan group of all the women in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. It was at this same time that WREI was organized to serve as the Caucus's nonpartisan research arm. In addition to serving as executive director of the Caucus and seeing it grow from 18 to 36 members, Ms. Scanlan has also headed WREI's development office and served as director of the Congressional Fellowships on Women & Public Policy.  From 1991-1998, Ms. Scanlan pursued career opportunities in Asia with her husband, Jared Cameron.  She returned to the WREI staff in January 1999 and became president of the organization in 2000.




Eleanor Smeal




President, Feminist Majority Foundation


Eleanor Smeal is a feminist activist, political analyst, lobbyist, and grassroots organizer. She has served as president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) twice.  Since 2001, Ms. Smeal is also the publisher of Ms. magazine which is owned by the Feminist Majority Foundation.  Ms. Smeal has appeared frequently on radio and television, including The Today Show, Nightline, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and Crossfire, and has testified before Congress on women’s issues. As one of the major leaders of the modern day feminist movement, she has organized numerous events around and given speeches on the concepts of feminism, equality, and human rights as they pertain to people in and outside of the United States. Her 1984 book How and Why Women Will Elect the Next President successfully identified a “gender gap” in politics.  Ms. Smeal is the recipient of several awards for her work for feminism and human rights.




















































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